There are a few weekly memes or discussion posts that I like to get into. I don’t do them all every week but this seemed like the best way to keep track of them all.

Memoir Mondays – I highlight a memoir that I’ve read over the years or post a review for one recently finished. Since beginning my first blog, memoirs have become one of my favorite genres.

Top Ten Tuesday! – this is a weekly meme that was started at The Broke and the Bookish a few years ago. It’s wildly popular among book bloggers and there are easily over a hundred fellow bloggers posting on their topic each day. The posts are linked onto their page and I have spent hours checking out other people’s lists. It is great fun and terrible for my TBR pile.

Tell Me Something Tuesday – This is a weekly discussion post started at Rainy Day Ramblings. She adds the following week’s question to the present week’s post so it requires keeping up with but there are some fun questions to discuss here and I love getting to talk about books!

TBR Thursday – This is a weekly meme begun at Kimberlyfaye Reads where she asks people to weigh in on a book that she’s been meaning to get to. I thought it sounded like a fabulous idea because there are always books that I want to get to but am not sure if it’ll be worth it. Let’s face it, I’m not going to read everything on the TBR pile so I might as well be sure I want to read something if I’m feeling iffy about it.

Throwback Thursday – I know, everyone loves a TBT, right? Nah, I haven’t done many of these and keep intending to do so and get some attention on this blog for books I reviewed on a previous blog but I also have issues surrounding it. I’m working on it, though….. yeah, it’s probably going to be hit or miss for a few years, but this is the road to getting it done! Or something like that.

Femme Friday – This is a weekly meme begun at Books and Strips and can be anything female related about books. Recommendations for female authors, illustrators, translators and on and on. I did a series a while back that went into women in the book making business at several stages. I have a tendency to get a few good ideas in a row and then drop off for months.

Those are all the weekly memes/discussions that I’m into. There are tons more and Bookshelf Fantasies put together a comprehensive list which is the Book Blog Meme Directory.