Matthew 15: Traditions and Miracles

For the text of Matthew 15, click here.  The entire first half of this chapter focuses on the concept of where traditions come from and prioritizing them. Do we pay more attention to the traditions our foreparents created or the ones brought to us from God? Yeah, it's that first one. It's not generally well … Continue reading Matthew 15: Traditions and Miracles


Matthew 14: Mourning and Community

For the text of Matthew 14, click here.  Reading about the death of John the Baptist on my own was infuriating. I know I've heard the story countless times but I had no idea what was going on in the background. It's told as a situation where a callous young girl randomly wants some guy … Continue reading Matthew 14: Mourning and Community

Matthew 13: Parables and explanations

For the text of Matthew 13, click here.  I had no idea that the parables were explained in the same chapters that they were told! Not that the explanations were always easy to understand. First of all. What's a parable?  Here is the definition from nouna short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson.a statement or comment that conveys a meaning indirectly by the use of comparison, analogy, or thelike. The first one is the Parable of … Continue reading Matthew 13: Parables and explanations

Matthew 12: Arguing the Law

For the text of Matthew 12, click here.  Here again, Jesus is in conflict with the Pharisees. They have accused Him and the disciples of working on the Sabbath. All they did was "glean" from the harvest. Way back in Leviticus 19:9-18 there is a detailed description of loving thy neighbor and the disciples are simply living … Continue reading Matthew 12: Arguing the Law

Matthew 10: Go

For the text of Matthew 10, click here. At the end of the last chapter, Jesus asked the disciples with Him to pray for more laborers for the coming harvest. We saw within context that this is a reference to the people He is trying to bring to God, the sinners He ate with who … Continue reading Matthew 10: Go

Matthew 9: The first stirrings of trouble

For the text of Matthew 9, click here. In an interesting turn of events after Jesus returns to the other side of wherever He "crossed" to, He doesn't just heal a paralytic, but first forgives him of his sins. Until now, Jesus had been healing people and speaking with God's authority, but now He forgives … Continue reading Matthew 9: The first stirrings of trouble

Matthew 8: Discovering His Authority

For the text of Matthew 8, click here. The very first thing Jesus does when He comes down from the mount on which He gave the sermon is heal a leper and demand he keep quiet about it. Despite that He had clearly done miracles that caught a lot of attention before, Jesus wanted this … Continue reading Matthew 8: Discovering His Authority

Matthew 7: Sermon on the Mount Part 3

In part 1, Jesus goes up on the mount to speak to the crowd. He discusses who is blessed, people's value, some considerations for adhering to certain commandments, the merit of the "eye for an eye" rule, and loving enemies. In part 2, Jesus goes on to discuss doing things in public for other people … Continue reading Matthew 7: Sermon on the Mount Part 3

Matthew 6: Sermon on the Mount Part 2

This chapter continues the Sermon on the Mount from chapter 5. Jesus addresses a crowd and talks about a lot of topics. Here is the first part. In chapter 6, Jesus goes on to talk about giving to the needy and prayer and repeats the sentiment from the previous chapter about doing it in secret. … Continue reading Matthew 6: Sermon on the Mount Part 2

Matthew 5: Sermon on the Mount Part 1

In chapter 4, the crowds had been growing around Jesus and His teachings. By the opening of chapter 5, He is addressing a crowd that has followed Him there. He goes up to the mount and delivers the first of His recorded sermons. It opens with the Beatitudes, which are often quoted in all kinds … Continue reading Matthew 5: Sermon on the Mount Part 1