Matthew 20: Fairness and service

For the text of Matthew 20, click here. First thing in this chapter is a comparison of God to the master of a vineyard who shows mercy to those who have worked there. He begins by making a deal with a set of workers for a certain wage and a certain amount of work. To … Continue reading Matthew 20: Fairness and service


Matthew 19: Teaching in Judea

For the text of Matthew 19, click here. The text begins with a fairly simple statement about travel, but then I looked at my map of the region and confused myself. I had previously bought this amazing book that had maps so I could visualize all the travel called Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps. … Continue reading Matthew 19: Teaching in Judea

Matthew 18: Lessons on Sin and Forgiveness

For the text of Matthew 18, click here.   The first story of this chapter is often used to remind people that children exemplify the faith and/or humility required to be among the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, but what does that mean? I mean, Jesus is certainly not talking about modern children. I … Continue reading Matthew 18: Lessons on Sin and Forgiveness

Matthew 17: How big is a mustard seed

For the text of Matthew 17, click here.  Jesus goes up the mountain with three disciples who all see Elijah and Moses talking to Him. This in itself is pretty remarkable. Elijah is the most famous of the prophets and Moses led the Israelites out of slavery. This is the company of some pretty amazing … Continue reading Matthew 17: How big is a mustard seed

Matthew 16: Listening to the Right People

For the text of Matthew 16, click here.  After attempting to confuse Jesus's teachings with the mixing of traditions, the Pharisees try again, this time with the Sadducees too. This time they want a sign and though Jesus does rebuke them, He also promises a sign after all. He promises the sign of Jonah. This … Continue reading Matthew 16: Listening to the Right People

Matthew 15: Traditions and Miracles

For the text of Matthew 15, click here.  The entire first half of this chapter focuses on the concept of where traditions come from and prioritizing them. Do we pay more attention to the traditions our foreparents created or the ones brought to us from God? Yeah, it's that first one. It's not generally well … Continue reading Matthew 15: Traditions and Miracles

Matthew 14: Mourning and Community

For the text of Matthew 14, click here.  Reading about the death of John the Baptist on my own was infuriating. I know I've heard the story countless times but I had no idea what was going on in the background. It's told as a situation where a callous young girl randomly wants some guy … Continue reading Matthew 14: Mourning and Community

Matthew 13: Parables and explanations

For the text of Matthew 13, click here.  I had no idea that the parables were explained in the same chapters that they were told! Not that the explanations were always easy to understand. First of all. What's a parable?  Here is the definition from nouna short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson.a statement or comment that conveys a meaning indirectly by the use of comparison, analogy, or thelike. The first one is the Parable of … Continue reading Matthew 13: Parables and explanations

Matthew 11: Elijah who is to come

For the text of Matthew 11, click here.  This chapter takes place just after Jesus finished talking to the 12 disciples who were just then dubbed apostles., sort of. At this point, we come back to John the Baptist who baptized Jesus in chapter three and was arrested in chapter four. John had recognized Jesus … Continue reading Matthew 11: Elijah who is to come

Matthew 10: Go

For the text of Matthew 10, click here. At the end of the last chapter, Jesus asked the disciples with Him to pray for more laborers for the coming harvest. We saw within context that this is a reference to the people He is trying to bring to God, the sinners He ate with who … Continue reading Matthew 10: Go