Femme Friday

This is a segment that was originally started by Books and Strips. The idea is to highlight women in the book industry, whether they are authors, publishers, running publishing companies or great characters or whatever else you can think of. My posts fall under the following categories:

Femme Friday

Author Highlights

  1. Brene Brown
  2. Marjane Satrapi
  3. Leymah Gbowee
  4. Roxane Gay
  5. Debasmita Dasgupta (Illustrator)


  1. Arab American Heritage Month Crossover
  2. Jewish American Heritage Observance


  1. Superheroes
  2. Your Next Favorite YA Series
  3. Favorite Female Characters Written by Men
  4. Comic Haul – Comics I Look Forward to Reading
  5. My Next 5 TBR Memoirs
  6. Women who tell another story
  7. Interesting Female Characters
  8. Lists of women

Women in Translation

  1. WIT Month 2016
  2. Women in Translation TBR
  3. Can we increase the number of women in translation?



  1. Femme Friday and Records

Before the Book Gets to Me

  1. Women Run Book Presses
  2. Translation
  3. Cover Artists and Designers
  4. Some thoughts on Narrators
  5. Illustrators