TBT: WIT Month Reads from last year

As previously stated, I am celebrating Women In Translation Month along with some other bloggers and publishers. Last year was my first time and I loved it! I did write a wrap up post last year too but it missed some of the reviews of books I finished when the month was over. If you want to celebrate and don’t know what to try here … Continue reading TBT: WIT Month Reads from last year

TBT – A Room of One’s Own

I’ll be honest, this one confused me a little as I was reading it. It is the only work of Virginia Woolf’s that I have read and I love her point. I understand what was revolutionary about it and I couldn’t agree more about her assessment on the need for a room of my own in the sense that she means it. Really, this is … Continue reading TBT – A Room of One’s Own

TBT – Madame Bovary

I was looking at the feminism book lists on Goodreads’ Listopia. The lists had some fictional books on them and there was some debate about whether they belonged. Though the debate that I saw was on Anna Karenina‘s inclusion as a “best of” feminist work, I thought of Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. (I haven’t read Anna Karenina, otherwise I’d probably talk about that one) If you’re not … Continue reading TBT – Madame Bovary

TBT – The Second Sex

I had been thinking for a while about the best way to incorporate some of the older books on feminist theory. I had thought about lists, which they say are super popular, but it never felt right. There aren’t a whole lot of these books that I’ve read, but they deserve their due. Some of these books changed the way we look at some issues. … Continue reading TBT – The Second Sex