The Happenings – June 2017

Here’s a snapshot of what’s been going on this month! Currently Reading Here is my current ebook on the left and audiobook on the right. Both are women’s memoirs, which has turned out to be one of my favorite genres starting to read primarily women. It’s not that women can’t write good fiction, because I read plenty of that too but I had no idea … Continue reading The Happenings – June 2017

The Happenings – April 2017

It seems my reading and blogging pace has slowed down considerably. This is due to the new job I started. I feel a little like I’ve got it together but the new job doesn’t include a lot of computer time, so things are just gonna be what they are. I’m just glad for audiobooks. Currently Reading   I’ve been reading Reading Lolita in Tehran for a … Continue reading The Happenings – April 2017

The Happenings – March 2017

Another good reading month but not so good blogging month but the move is almost over. It’s technically over entirely, but there are still rooms with moving mess and I won’t call it done until those messes are clean, so maybe I’ll never be fully moved in. I am back to work now and getting time to blog is significantly harder at this job than … Continue reading The Happenings – March 2017

The Happenings – February 2017

I did a lot more reading than reviewing this month. I’ve been moving and while it lends plenty of time for listening to audiobooks while cleaning, there isn’t a lot of time for blogging. I even had a few mishaps where a post went up that wasn’t finished and lots of posts getting pushed back. Things should go back to normal sometime this month, but … Continue reading The Happenings – February 2017

The Happenings – January 2017

I had a good start to the year, reading a lot more books than I thought I would get to. Well, I didn’t read my intended TBR exactly because library holds got in the way of my shelf control but shelf control is the renewed plan for February! Currently Reading I am attempting shelf control with this book. It was my December Kindle First book … Continue reading The Happenings – January 2017

The Happenings – December 2016

December has been a little crazy, realizing that I almost never got around to reading my Kindle Firsts and trying to catch my 150 books for the Goodreads reading challenge. I managed the second one but have one more Kindle First to catch up on. Currently Reading Just one book right now, but only because I finished my audiobook on the way to visit family … Continue reading The Happenings – December 2016

The Happenings – September 2016

What a month! It’s been a little slow on the blogging front and I hope to get back to my faster pace in October. We’ll see what happens, though. Currently Reading Dangerous Women is my audiobook currently. It is MUCH longer than I am accostumed to at 32 hours longs. I’ve got about six hours left and a partially post was accidentally posted yesterday. It’s an … Continue reading The Happenings – September 2016

The Happenings – August 2016

I didn’t get to read quite as much as I wanted to this month. We had lots of family visiting and went on a road trip and there was just not as much time for reading. It’s nice that a lack of reading time was for good reasons, though, unlike some other times in my life. It’s not looking like September is going to be … Continue reading The Happenings – August 2016