Reflections on Second Samuel

Even when David finally becomes clean, it is not smooth sailing. This book is filled with trial and error and hardships for the king and his family. Notable women Michal, David’s first wife who he is finally reunited with. Bathsheba, the romanticized woman who was bathing on the roof and attracted looks that I can only imagine were creepy by the king Tamar, raped by … Continue reading Reflections on Second Samuel

2 Samuel 21-24: Some final dealings

These chapters bring Second Samuel to a close. There is some story but it’s mostly information. Chapter twenty one The chapter begins with atonement for when Saul went after the Gibeonites. It’s a harsh atonement, but not altogether unwarranted. It is Saul who went after them, it’s his family that pays the price. I thought it was nice that David went back and at least … Continue reading 2 Samuel 21-24: Some final dealings

2 Samuel 6-12: Up to Bathsheba

Amidst the battles and war of David making Israel mighty in the land again, there is the story of him and Bathsheba. It’s the more infamous part of this book because of the way things go down. It’s told as if it’s terribly romantic, but it’s really not. Nor are the circumstances surrounding it. Chapter six David is gathering up his men and the ark … Continue reading 2 Samuel 6-12: Up to Bathsheba