Reflections on 2 Chronicles

Much like I mentioned back in the Reflection post on 1 Chronicles, this is primarily a rehash of  those events, this time without the inclusion of the kings of Israel alongside the kings of Judah. The women mentioned in this book are also in both 1 Kings and 2 Kings and you can find them in those posts along with my initial thoughts on what … Continue reading Reflections on 2 Chronicles

Reflections on 1 Chronicles

So, normally I try to break a reflection post down into some major parts of the book and mention some notable women, but this book is different for that. Mainly because there are two other sources already made for this. All the women mentioned in this book (for the most part) are mentioned in First or  Second Samuel. Some exceptions are the women of the Genealogies but you can … Continue reading Reflections on 1 Chronicles

Reflections on Judges

Judges is supposed to be about the downfall of Israel. It starts off like they might just make it passed some hiccups but even the judges themselves become progressively worse. Notable Women Deborah, obviously. She is one of the better known women of the Bible. The whole of chapter five is a song dedicated to her.  Jephthah’s daughter, who allowed herself to be sacrificed because … Continue reading Reflections on Judges

Reflections on Deuteronomy

This particular book of the Bible is more a record of some teachings of Moses than part of the overall story. It’s almost like the Epistles that are waiting for us down the road. It doesn’t get to tell a story (other than recounting what we’ve already read in a more succinct fashion) until the last few chapters. Overall,  this is a message to stay … Continue reading Reflections on Deuteronomy

Reflections on Numbers

Surprisingly, this book did return to the story format for most of it’s chapters. I had previously been under the impression that nothing relevant really happened in this book and it was just laws that no one had to abide anymore. Yes, I get how insulting that is, but allow me to dispell that thought for others. Despite that I’ve never heard anyone preach out … Continue reading Reflections on Numbers