Reflections on Numbers

Surprisingly, this book did return to the story format for most of it’s chapters. I had previously been under the impression that nothing relevant really happened in this book and it was just laws that no one had to abide anymore. Yes, I get how insulting that is, but allow me to dispell that thought for others. Despite that I’ve never heard anyone preach out … Continue reading Reflections on Numbers

Numbers 26-36: Setting up expectations

Part seven is kind of a disjointed mess again. This one does get a little crazy about the women, and not always in a good way, but not always bad either. Chapter twenty six The new census. The numbers are lined out pretty simply, but there is a note that one of the sons in the clan of Manasseh didn’t have any sons, only daughters, … Continue reading Numbers 26-36: Setting up expectations

Numbers 21-25: trouble in Moab

Part six takes place primarily around Moab. It is the next kingdom that the Israelites camp near. Chapter twenty one This chapter opens with an easily answered vow to destroy the enemy if God lets them. It’s one paragraph and it could easily be glossed over if you’re not paying attention or doing something like this. They just asked for what they wanted and God … Continue reading Numbers 21-25: trouble in Moab

Numbers 18-20: More of the same

Part five of Numbers begins with some more administrative details for Aaron and moves through the water out of a rock story and on to talk about the deaths of Miriam and Aaron. Chapter eighteen This chapter has God talking primarily to Aaron, though He talks to Moses a bit too. God tells them about the changes in handling their inheritance through the tithes of … Continue reading Numbers 18-20: More of the same

Numbers 13-17: People starting trouble

In part four of Numbers, the people just keep on grumbling about everything. They come back around to how they would have been better if they had died in Egypt. At this point, God is clearly tired of hearing about it though. Of course, he was already a bit peeved over that sentiment with the eating meat thing in chapter eleven. Chapter thirteen Here the … Continue reading Numbers 13-17: People starting trouble

Numbers 9-12: On the move

Welcome back! This will be part three of the series on Numbers. Again, this is a bit incongruous, but it does lead somewhere this time. The Israelites are finally getting out of Mt. Sinai! They’ve been there for a while, which surprised me. Chapter nine This is where the evidence of being at Mt. Sinai a while shows up. In case you weren’t paying attention … Continue reading Numbers 9-12: On the move

Numbers 5-8: Where are my TPS reports?

The next few chapters were a little incongruous and mostly about some administrative business. Perhaps these rules and guidances from God address issues that we readers are not privvy to, but there’s no way to know for sure. It just reads a little disjointed as it goes from putting out the leprous to making restitution to a test for adultery without any kind of transition. … Continue reading Numbers 5-8: Where are my TPS reports?