Reflections on Judges

Judges is supposed to be about the downfall of Israel. It starts off like they might just make it passed some hiccups but even the judges themselves become progressively worse. Notable Women Deborah, obviously. She is one of the better known women of the Bible. The whole of chapter five is a song dedicated to her. ¬†Jephthah’s daughter, who allowed herself to be sacrificed because … Continue reading Reflections on Judges

Judges 9-16: From Abimelech to Samson

The succession of Judges continues, some with in depth stories and others with simple mentions. I like to think it works like us and the histories of our presidents. A president whose name you barely get taught probably kept the peace and/or were not faced with a situation like Lincoln or FDR. Maybe, maybe not. Chapter nine Meet Abimelech, who might as well be a … Continue reading Judges 9-16: From Abimelech to Samson

Judges 3-8: Othniel, Ehud, Shanger, Deborah and Gideon

Here we begin to hear of the deeds of some of the other judges that saved Israel. Chapter three The chapter actually begins with an accounting of the nations that were left behind during the taking of the land. It says that they were left to continue to test Israel and make sure that the laws were being followed. While I hate the idea of … Continue reading Judges 3-8: Othniel, Ehud, Shanger, Deborah and Gideon

Judges 1-2: A downward spiral

Judges opens up with the death of Joshua. Remembering back to the book of Joshua, not all the territories had been taken but enough were that God had released the tribes from acting as one complete army. This meant that there were still skirmishes left to be had. Chapter one The people ask God Himself who will be their leader after the death of Joshua … Continue reading Judges 1-2: A downward spiral