Reflections on Ezekiel

As I mentioned in the first Ezekiel post, the timing here is contemporary with several of books but the exact timing is a little confusing. I have looked in the study section of my Bible and gone on Google and looked for more exact dates, but nothing makes a whole lot of sense with where it sits. That’s not to call the information inconsistent, I’m … Continue reading Reflections on Ezekiel

Ezekiel 33-39: Prophecies about Israel

The last set of prophecies were about other nations around Israel and there is still one of those here, but these are mostly about Israel or Judah and what’s to come for them. Chapter thirty three God sets up a watch system so that some people may be spared and then reminds them why they will perish as mentioned in previous chapters. After all the … Continue reading Ezekiel 33-39: Prophecies about Israel

Ezekiel 25-32: Prophecies

There are several prophecies that foretell all the destruction we saw back in Jeremiah 46-52. Here are those received by Ezekiel. Chapter twenty five Prophecies against Ammon, Moab, Seir, Edom, and Philistia. Chapter twenty six Prophecies against Tyre, which is drowned in a very legend-of-Atlantis kind of way. There is some use of feminine pronouns in reference to the city of Tyre and “daughter” for … Continue reading Ezekiel 25-32: Prophecies

Ezekiel 19-24: Promises of judgement

This is the last set of chapters leading up to the actual fall of Jerusalem and the warnings of what’s to come. Chapter nineteen This is a lamentation about a lioness and cubs and a vine and vineyard, none of which works out for anyone. Royal lineage becomes a mess at the end of Chronicles with usurpings within and princes taken up to Babylon and … Continue reading Ezekiel 19-24: Promises of judgement

Ezekiel 16-18: Chapters that worry me

I had originally wanted to power through Ezekiel a bit faster but chapters 16 and 18 caught me off guard. They remind me a little too much of current events for comfort. I know that the Old Testament God has supposedly “changed” or whatever but I’m not so sure that it’s not just our relationship to Him that’s changed and we’re still shooting ourselves in … Continue reading Ezekiel 16-18: Chapters that worry me

Ezekiel 8-15: Visions of what went wrong

God has already given Ezekiel one vision and here comes the second one. This set of chapters goes a little beyond that second vision and there are some times when God is specifically talking to Ezekiel too. Chapter eight Again, we begin with a description that is mostly weird. I get that the presence of God is probably not something that we would consider normal, … Continue reading Ezekiel 8-15: Visions of what went wrong