On ending my first WIT Month

Coming into Women in Translation month, I realized that I hadn’t read a lot of WIT. Okay, only one. Despite the disturbingly low number of books and therefore women-written books that are translated each year, there are still some great reads out there for us to devour. It was a pleasure to find and read some women who have been translated into English for me.

I definitely wouldn’t have found the books that I selected to read for this month if I weren’t taking time out of my reading schedule to specifically look at women in translation.

In case you missed them:


The above links go to my reviews, which were all favorable, so I you want to pick up some of these women in translation, follow these links to purchase them on Amazon.


I’m still reading Shuttered Life, but I’m almost done. Also, I had some books on my TBR that I am still going to read by the end of the year, they are:

Be sure to check out Biblio, who created the concept for WIT Month a few years ago!


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