Shadows in Flight by Orson Scott Card

This is actualy the fifth book in The Shadow Quintet, which is a spinoff of the The Ender Quintet. I had read all the previous books several years ago and missed this one coming out in 2013. First of all, I highly recommend all of them, particularly to anyone who loves science fiction. The first of all these books, Ender’s Game is actually on several suggested reading lists for members of the Armed Services for the leadership technique used by the protagonist. It was also turned into a movie that can be found here and is actually very good.

Shadows in Flight continues the story of Bean, a member of Ender’s original team. A lot has happened since they were children and I don’t want to give anything away that might spoil an earlier book. Just let me say that if you’re this far, you already know how great these characters are and there’s no reason not to continue. This one is a little short, but it’s comfortable. For me, it was like going home. I love the world that had been so well built and all the pieces of it and all the history that I already had going into this one. It felt like going home and visiting old friends and meeting their kids. It’s a great little read.

If you haven’t read any of the books mentioned, click on the Ender Quintet above and then follow it with the Shadow Quintet. These aren’t openly or obviously feminist books, but they do treat their female characters like whole people, which I’ve always appreciated. They also take an interesting turn on what I’ve come to know in feminist circles as “toxic masculinity.” I couldn’t have explained it when I first read them, but it was always that Ender and Bean don’t fit snugly in the man box that made them interesting characters to me. They were not the warrior I expected when I opened their books, but their kind of warrior does seem to be growing in popularity in our culture.

Normally, I’ll follow up the recommendation with a note for what comes next, but I’m not sure what that’ll be just yet. I’m still fighting the urge to not go back and re-read these series again!


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