When I was first invited to sit by the bonfire

Sarah Bessey’s Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women begins with an invitation to a bonfire. There is room for everyone. All she asks is that we no longer fight and argue, we don’t try to be more right or insist that others are more wrong. Let us all be us and no one be “they”. Let’s have peaceful conversation where we can “disagree beautifully”.

I like the sound of that.

I first read her book over a year ago. It made some interesting points and I found that I identify well with being a Jesus Feminist. The problem is that I never went back and read the Bible. I go to church, sure. Reading the Bible for yourself isn’t a requirement as a Christian, but as an avid reader, why would I miss out on it? How could I write about feminism in books and not read or write on one of those that cause the most argument? Why would I not at least seek to understand it and the point of view of those who would argue about it?

I will be reading one book of the Bible a month until I’m through it. Yes, that will take over five years. Stick with me. I will be undertaking this with the ESV Global Study Bible. There are two commentaries that I will be most often referencing, they are John Wesley’s Complete Bible Commentary and The Woman’s Bible by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. There are various other books that will come up time and again, they will be linked so that they can be easily found. Also, I will be taking notes and highlighting things as I go along, those can be found here.

Sit a while with me and let’s just see what we see. I will likely have questions and some of you will have answers, there may be multiple answers. We may not agree, but it’s okay. Let us all have voices that don’t have to talk over each other to be heard.

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