Books keep the thoughts of their authors preserved, able to be rediscovered by new readers long after they’ve been written and sometimes even after the authors have passed on. They are definitely cold storage.

I enjoy books on people and feminism. No, I didn’t say on women and feminism because I don’t believe it stops with women. Feminism is there for everyone, though in disproportionate amounts. I’ve read plenty on where the proportions go and who else deserves a piece of them. No feminist is perfect and because of that, there are all kinds of opinions on who it serves, who it should serve, and who it forgets entirely. Despite the imperfections, which are largely due to the fact that people are imperfect and controlling the movement, it mostly strives to do good work.

There are all kinds of great feminists out there writing great things. They write all kinds of things like biographies, social commentary, science fiction, and more. A book doesn’t even have to be labeled feminist to have feminist ideals in it, either. Nor does it have to be specifically identified as feminist to find it’s way onto this blog.

Come along with me and explore the world of books and the way that the equality of people is explored in those books.


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